Old Campaigners

The Old Campaigners — Camels, Mules, Donkeys and Waler Horses

A Limited Edition

The Old Campaigners - war book

Jill Mather is pleased to advise that her brand new book is available to add to your important collection of war time animals.

This book has a substantial number of rare photographs and information, especially regarding the use of Waler horses in World War Two.

The general perception was after World War One that the Walers had become redundant and turned out, to be used for mainly for pastoral and local requirements.

The wartime use of animals by the Anzacs is an amazing story as you will read.

It also contains items relating to the New Zealand horses and the role that the N.Z Expeditionary Forces played.

Once again it is written with an easy content reference so that you can select your favourite sections. This makes it ideal for dipping into and especially suits younger readers aged from 12 upwards.

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