Introduction to Jill Mather

Jill Mather — Non Fiction Writing — Published Work

Broad brush strokes are Jill Mather’s canvas. Nonfiction books include ‘Discovering North Queensland’, ‘Ravenswood’ as well as the popular series of books featuring the animals that were used during the last century’s world war years: Forgotten Heroes — The Australian Waler Horse; the military book The Old Campaigners featuring animals used in warfare by the Anzacs; Twelve Terrible Tales, a children’s book written from the perspective of the least know creatures that went to war, the pests and parasites that travelled with the soldiers and their animals; and the brand new book War Horses — Hoof Prints in Time which records the deeds of the unknown along side the well known horses, donkeys, mules and dogs that served on the battlefields during WW1.

Jill Mather — The Novel

This one novel is set in New Zealand. “The Betrayal Cycle”. A saga which tracks the lives of a family which includes Irish Harry — a remittance man who charms them all despite being evicted from Donegal. His journey ends in New Zealand, where bad luck attaches itself to him no matter what.

Jill Mather — The Playwright

As a Playwright, Jill has had a number of plays and a musical drama performed in the public arena in Australia.

The first of these was “West of the Reef” a major production held in the Civic Theatre in Townsville — one of Australia’s finest theatres. The Governor of Queensland attended the premiere. In the form of a musical drama, it played to a capacity audience for a set season.

“The Eye of the Sacred Thunderbird” followed. A Red Indian Production using Tom Toms and other music. It is ideally suited to High Schools.

A list of other plays which have had public performance follows this page.

Plays on hand awaiting performance include: ” Ad Valorum” a confused comedy. “The Sitwell Egg” based on the U.K. Poet Edith Sitwell. “Fine Lines” an Australian play in 3 acts.

Jill Mather — Short Works For Radio Broadcast

Broadcast items amount for more than 40 used on the Australian National Network. Wide variety of subjects: eg “An Ordinary Brown Suitcase” All that remained of Hanna — a holocaust victim. “Charlene” The crocodile. “Bubonic Plague” Sydney suffered badly in the 19th Century when rats infested the growing town. “97 Orchard St” which housed Polish Refugees. “A Bowl of Porridge” A Latvian memoir.

Jill Mather — Lectures

Art and Literature Inter-active lectures (2 hours). 8 years lecturing at the Gosford Regional Art Gallery (Central Coast. NSW) Specializes mainly in the French period from 1850 – 1950


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